Tuesday, 14 February 2012

New logo!

The Sodality of the Five Holy Wounds is pleased to announce it has a logo, designed by Catholic illustrator and artist, Daniel Mitsui.

In commissioning this logo we wanted something that represented the Five Holy Wounds and which also gave the Sodality its own "identity".

Daniel was particularly drawn to Medieval representations of the Sacred Heart, making a good focal point. He also makes reference to previous representations by incorporating a banner "shape" into the overal design.

We decided against the presence of a lance and a sponge, as is sometimes found in Medieval imagery, since these as separate elements they have their own Votive Masses – as does "our" devotion; out of deference to the "usual" British representation on banners, we did not want to overplay these elements. In artistic terms, then, we wanted a full "focus" on the Sacred Hands, Feet and Heart, or properly speaking the Holy Wounds in them. 

One noticeable thing about the Medieval banners is the blood flowing from each wound, which has also been incorporated. We also noted that the banner of the Western Rising used stars on the background, and these too were worked into our design. 

See more of Daniel's work at his website, www.danielmitsui.com.

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