Monday, 9 August 2010


With a view to taking the Sodality forward, we are asking attendees of the Sodality meetings to respond to the following questions.

Sodality Exercises (prayers at meetings)

The Exercises have been subject to change as the weeks have passed, to take into account various suggestions, and to gain experience of certain formats. 

Q1 Are the Exercises too short / too long / just right?

Q2 Would you prefer Latin be used mainly / partly / does not matter? 

Q3 When praying, would you prefer to sing more / say more? 

Q4 Would you like specific intentions to be collected / announced? 

Q5 Do you have any other views about the Sodality Exercises?

Organisation of meetings

A change to the organisation of the discussions has been proposed – namely, that the Father Director choose his allocution subjects in advance, to enable people to prepare better and develop their questions in advance. 

Q6 Would this organisation be beneficial? 

Q7 Would you come more / less than in the past? 


It has been proposed by Father Andrew that it becomes obligatory on all members to recite the Chaplet of the Five Wounds and the prayer En ego every day. 

Q8 Would this be too demanding / not demanding enough for you? 

Q9 Are there any other obligations you would be willing to adopt? 

Other activities

Q10 Are there any concrete practical proposals for external works that the Sodality might undertake, such as pilgrimages, supporting Catholic charities and other apostolates, or in terms of the corporal and spiritual works of mercy?

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